“Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.”

-Lao Tsu, Tao Teh Ching

Everyone has an opinion, particularly on social media, where those who shout the loudest are easily heard. Many “experts” who pontificate on foibles and maladies about various hot-button topics on LinkedIn have open-to-work badges. Those, who put “AI advisors” on their profile, have done so since January of 2023, coinciding with the rise of ChatGPT. These newly minted AI consultants charge upwards of 2K+ dollars for their six-month expertise on using ChatGPT when it’s not their software. The United States Government got things wrong about COVID from imaginary experts. Yet, many are willing to accept the fear-mongering negativity the mainstream media promotes and fall prey to the recent “AI experts.”

Introduction – Artificial intelligence is a popular worldwide discussion topic among industries in different fields. Due to increased popularity, most less knowledgeable people claim to be professionals in this latest technology. Thus, the question arises what is the reason that most individuals will become an expert in artificial intelligence across the world?

What is the democratization of knowledge –The democratization of knowledge means that staff members in any field can access their company’s corporate intelligence in the business world. Now, the internet has proposed a democratization of knowledge that talks about how any information, which was once exclusive to specific organizations, is currently available to everyone by using an internet connection. Thus, it allows individuals in any field to learn or understand the basic concept of artificial intelligence. 

Now, several tutorials, blogs, and online courses describe artificial intelligence concepts that are easy to understand for everyone. Suppose any person wants to know about artificial intelligence. In that case, any person may gain or learn about the basic knowledge of deep learning, machine learning, and several other technologies associated with artificial intelligence with just a few clicks. 

Presently, social media website plays an important role in democratizing knowledge. Several professionals in artificial intelligence share their knowledge on many social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, making it simple for other individuals to learn about this latest technology. It also creates an environment where some individuals may ask questions about artificial intelligence and engage with professionals in this field. 

Why everybody increases investment in artificial intelligence – There is another reason that every person wants to become an expert in artificial intelligence: the enhanced investment in this field. In past years, organizations and governments have invested billions of dollars in artificial intelligence research and development worldwide.  Most big companies also use artificial intelligence technology for their operations. Thus, it creates a huge number of job opportunities for youngsters. Thus, most individuals want to become a professional in artificial intelligence to get a good job in a top company with a high salary. So, this is the reason that everyone will become an expert in artificial intelligence concepts.

Due to the enhanced popularity of this latest technology, many individuals entered the field of artificial intelligence to become professionals in this domain. Now, artificial intelligence is proliferating, attracting youngsters across the world. 

Most companies adopt artificial intelligence to gain or improve visibility into essential procedures and use insights to personalize services that enhance revenue. Banks also use machine learning and artificial intelligence to observe customer behavior trends and offer custom-made loans based on risk appetite. Artificial Intelligence may provide a better customer experience by adding context to customer engagement procedures that offer a seamless user experience for any company. 

Companies use the capabilities of artificial intelligence to improve decision-making, provide insights, and identify patterns. Artificial Intelligence helps in preventing overstocking and understocking situations. This latest technology may automate repetitive tasks to improve efficiency and offer employers free time to concentrate on complex tasks. It also prevents fraudulent activities in financial transactions that benefit companies. Thus, most organizations are investing in the field of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is more accessible worldwide – Due to the continuous development of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence is more accessible for everyday people. Now several artificial intelligence tools are readily available as open-source software allowing individuals to modify and use them. It has created a group of professionals continuously testing and improving upon current artificial intelligence technologies. There are several artificial intelligence-powered services and products which are available for customers. Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots are more prevalent in e-commerce and customer service. Due to artificial intelligence becoming more popular daily, individuals are becoming more familiar with this latest technology and want to become a professional in this technology. 

Future of artificial intelligence – Presently, most individuals are interested in knowing about artificial intelligence because this latest technology is beneficial for companies in different fields, including modernizing the recruitment process, detecting fraudulent activities in financial transactions, improving customer experience, saving time and money, improve decision-making, predict future results, better supply chain efficiency, more profitable, and many more. Thus, artificial intelligence is best for the future of companies. Everyone wants to know about artificial intelligence and claims to be an expert in this latest technology. Nowadays, the use of artificial intelligence is increasing in companies that also enhance the research on this latest technology that helps individuals to become professionals in artificial intelligence. 

Conclusions – Don’t fall for the negativity that the mainstream media promotes or listen to the overnight AI experts. Run the other way if they haven’t said anything about AI before 2023 on their LinkedIn profile. Chances are they are hopping on the bandwagon, just like the “bitcoin bros.” To test their credibility, ask them to define AI without mentioning ChatGPT; that should tell you about their expertise.

Increased investment in artificial intelligence, the democratization of knowledge, and continuous development in this latest technology contribute to the widespread interest, along with everyone’s favorite tool, ChatGPT. It is important to note that artificial intelligence is a complex field that needs a deep understanding or learning of mathematics, computer science, and many more technical fields. This latest technology will be more available or used in the upcoming years worldwide. If you want to become an expert in artificial intelligence, you should make a career in this field with a great future.