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Strategic AI Integration

From Data Curation to Profitable Implementation

The difference between us and other AI consultants is that we turn theory into action using our proprietary, AI-driven analytics and marketing SaaS solution that we’ve built from the ground up, taking no shortcuts with layers or wraparounds.

Implementing an AI strategy that aligns with your business goals takes work that goes beyond giving you a login and password to a software platform. Your first-party data tells a story. We help define, clean, and curate it with the intent of helping your company better understand its customers’ behavior patterns using predictive analytics, which can improve your firm’s profitability.

Services Include:

  • Proof Of Concept: We work with your key stakeholders to determine the business value of incorporating a data-driven approach to your organization, leveraging consultative, domain proficiencies, digital capabilities, data science skills, and advisory capabilities.
  • Data Engineering: We take your existing, first-party data to clean, confirm, and standardize it. Activities can include dealing with missing values and removing outliers to ensure we get the best predictions.
  • Product Builds: We built our own AI marketing engine, and we can do the same for you; whether it’s an AI-ordering application or embedding its predictive powers within your POS, ERP, or eCommerce platforms, we’re here to help.  

Once we complete the engagement, you must take action with all that earned knowledge. Other AI consultants may refer you to third-party software. With us, we enable a seamless transition to our own AI engine. Then and only then can the true power of AI shine- helping your organization become efficient in a fraction of the time with fewer resources.

Our Machine Learning Algorithms Analyze the Data to Produce Customer Predictions That Drive Results

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