Managed Services & Support

Like the pawn that evolves when it reaches the eight rank on the chessboard, Rank 8 (Standard Insights’ managed services division), helps Retail, eCommerce, and other verticals become more advanced by reducing software development, integration complexity, and overhead. We provide additional services that pair with our SaaS products to give your business best-in-class analytics and marketing capabilities. Standard Insights will help your business to develop and deploy state-of-the-art industry applications and integrations at a price point attractive to market entrants and start-ups. Our team gives the small guys the edge to compete against large companies and marketplaces with our army of developers.

Full Stack, Software Development

With expertise in Java, ReactNative, Angular, PHP Frameworks, Node, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, our team excel in crafting robust APIs tailored to your needs, elevating your business with innovative solutions.

MVP Development

For premier full-stack software development, trust our experts in Java, ReactNative, Angular, PHP frameworks, Node.js, and more. We excel in crafting APIs for Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, enhancing your online business success

AI Builds

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, our experts design AI solutions to elevate user experience, enhance efficiency, and amplify profitability. Partner with us today to transform your business with the power of Artificial Intelligence!

Digital Campaigns

Discover the ultimate digital campaign solution with our data-driven omnichannel approach. Our expert team crafts tailored campaigns to engage audiences across channels, elevating your online presence and ensuring success.

Integration Services

Experience unparalleled data flow with Integration Services! Our robust APIs seamlessly integrate applications, ensuring smooth business operations. No more data transfer obstacles and welcome streamlined workflows. 

Data Cleansing

Elevate your results with our Data Cleansing service, eradicating inaccuracies through precise mapping and formatting. Rely on our advanced AI technology for accurate insights and informed decisions. Trust us for your data cleansing needs!

AI Consulting

For AI projects, integrate management consulting. We map data analytics strategy, design architecture, customize reports, manage data, ensure compliance, and leverage our AI platform for actionable insights.