Curious to see how improving your company’s data literacy can help fuel growth?

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Giving you the ability to prioritize marketing budget protocols for your top tier customers.

83% of AI adopters are already seeing rapid and positive changes.


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Enabling you to create customized audiences based on facts that lead to results.

A large percentage of executives (85%) already know that incorporating AI is going to make them more competitive in their respective industries.

-MIT Sloan Management Review

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Empowering you to provide your customers with Amazon-like recommendations to significantly improve conversions.

Personalization can deliver five to eight times the ROI on marketing spend, and lift sales by 10% or more.


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Helping identify what’s likely to sell from insights derived from your data.

The benefits of predictive and prescriptive analytics go far beyond sales conversions. They bleed down into time savings, efficiencies, human capital, and transaction costs. .

-Converge Technology + Business

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Personalizing your email drives brand engagement and increases your open and click rates.

Email marketing generated $42 for every $1 spent in 2019.


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Texting in 2020 is what email was in 1999.

45%- SMS response rates.


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Creating customized audiences based on science.

Facebook Getting Too Expensive For Advertisers? Costs Jumped 90% Year-Over Year.


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Influence customer attention through triggers.

As per recent studies, marketing automation counts for a 14.5 percent rise in sales productivity.


Prioritize and Execute Data Driven Campaigns

It is critical for your business to embrace being data driven to survive in today’s business climate. We run marketing campaigns based on science. Not guesswork. The end result, long term, sustainable growth for your company for years to come.

Building conditions for your success.

It’s no secret that the E-Commerce industry was one of the early adopters of AI. Now, as technology has improved, AI can also better manage your inventory levels using predictive and prescriptive analytics, helping drive both top and bottom-line growth.
Restaurants are suffering from labor shortages that aren’t likely to end soon, given less than ideal demographics, particularly in the US. AI-driven QR codes can serve as a “virtual-waiter” offering to upsell and cross-sell menu and drink items catered to an individual’s preferences to help improve average order value.
The brick n mortar retail and grocery markets are going through significant changes. Many of these stores are now using automation in the form of self-ordering kiosks to help address inflation. AI-driven personalized recommendations can significantly improve sales when implemented with ordering screens or POS.
Healthcare is a business. Many physician offices are suffering from low patient volume and declining reimbursement rates. Applying AI-driven marketing principles can help improve the patient experience, which translates to profitability improvements.
Most financial transactions are today digital in nature. AI-powered marketing can present a significant opportunity for financial institutions to drive revenue and mitigate expenses.
Legalized cannabis will be a reality shortly in the US. As momentum grows for legalization, it’s those cannabis-related businesses that incorporate AI into their customer engagement that could grab a significant portion of market share in what is fast becoming a highly competitive market.