Why VARs and ISVs Partner With Us

“You can’t solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions.” Albert Einstein

A High-Tech Future

Steam. Electricity. Digital. And now AI.

Evolve, or your business dies. Failure to do so and your company suffers the same fate as Blockbuster Video and Borders Books. Hardware is fast becoming a commodity with low margins. Selling on value is the key to long-term, sustainable growth for your company. Partnering with us is one way to create value for your clients and generate additional income for you.

Many here sell RFID. The data collected is another endpoint. We can help your clients weaponize that data, tie it into their sales engine, and help them predict how much of a particular product they need to stock for a particular day, week, or month.

We offer white-label integrations for those ISVs looking to take their SaaS offerings to the next level. Imagine your POS, ERP, or supply chain tracking software having the predictive power of AI as part of their engine. Not only do you gain a significant edge among your competitors, but you’ll also earn residual income from licenses. If you decide to sell your business, having AI embedded into your system could significantly increase your company’s value.

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We Are Always Looking To Build Meaningful and Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

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