Using AI to grow your
Cannabis related business

Targeting the right person, with the right product, at the right time.  

  • Scoring your customers on their potential profitability

  • Segmenting your customers on demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavior characteristics

  • Providing “Amazon-like” recommendations based on what each individual is likely to purchase

  • Predicting what will be sold in the future

  • Executing data-driven campaigns through email (we have our own in-house email platform) and/or text (if allowed through your provider)

As Marijuana legalization expands and the number of products grows, it’ll be critical for your Cannabis related business to be data driven to be competitive.  We’re here to help.

“When we launched our online CBD store a few years ago, their AI-driven recommendations helped drive our average ticket value by over 20 percent.

Vijai C.  Owner, Goto Leaf


We are happy to support the Cannabis Industry.  We don’t place any additional restrictions on our business as long as we abide by Federal, State, and Local laws.