Join CMA & Standard Insights for Improving Marketshare of your Brand using an AI-Driven Virtual Budtender at 12:00 pm MT on September 21. Add to calendar

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About this event

Learn how to harness the power of your customer’s data using artificial intelligence (AI). While traditional analytics is already being used in the cannabis industry, its main weakness is it only tells you what happened in the past and is limited to how much data its human operator can process. AI helps you see what’s likely to happen in the future. This can improve customer experience, prevent customer indecision, and tell your customers what to do next. By implementing a data-driven, surgical approach with marketing outreach, your brand or dispensary can: increase sales, improve average order value, and reduce customer churn.

Session Objectives

  • Know Your Customers Better Than They Know Themselves
  • Profitability scoring off all your customers
  • All your customers have to belong to specific groups
  • Personalized recommendations for future purchases
  • How AI predicts the future

Speaker Bios

Jerry Abiog is a Co-Founder and CMO of Standard Insights – an AI as a Service growth marketing platform. Their solution helps companies worldwide address the challenges of leveraging customer data to drive repeat business. Check out what they’re doing in the cannabis industry.

LTC Dennis Collins, USA (Ret) is an Account Executive for Standard Insights. He’s passionate about helping veterans and others realize the power of cannabis in helping solve whatever ails them.

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