Excerpts from The Marketing Results Club podcast interview with Derek Little.

Jerry Abiog is the co founder and chief marketing officer of Standard Insights. This company uses artificial intelligence to drive repeat buyers for businesses. In this interview, he shares tips on how companies could use AI to gain a competitive advantage, here’s what he had to say.

The main gist of AI is that it can absorb gobs and gobs of data and pick out trends. When you know these trends, you’ll know the next best course of action to take. It goes beyond descriptive analytics. Now with AI, you can use predictive (what’s going to happen next) and prescriptive (what’s the next best course of action) analytics. You’ve got to be data driven, you’ve got to know what your customers have done in the past, and how to best and prioritize execute your campaigns.

Curious to see how AI can give your business a competitive advantage?